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When it comes to accurate appraisals, responsive service, technology innovation and pricing that lets you choose the exact level of service you need, IAnet is the obvious best choice. We maximize the convenience and minimize the costs of completing your claims. Call us today to begin experiencing the difference between the best and all the rest.

Claims Auditing

When you pay an appraisal service a flat rate per file for "all-inclusive service," do you know what that includes? For the lowest price per file, will they research the cost of parts to validate the estimate? Can you be sure they'll send an appraiser multiple times if it's required for the best servicing of your claim?

If the repair-shop owner knows an insurance appraiser won't research pricing or even come back for a second look, you can bet the initial estimate and the supplemental insurance claim will both be inflated. Suddenly, that "good deal" costs you thousands after you're already knee-deep. When a lowball price per insurance claim saves you $30 dollars on an appraisal but the insurance claim rises by $2,000 because of lack of follow-up by the appraiser, that's a bad deal.

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